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Supervision and safety

Enjoy fully your stay with us!

The safety and well-being of our participants is our top priority. To ensure that everything runs under the best possible conditions, we offer a caring and attentive supervision.

An experienced team of passionate facilitators

Our bilingual facilitation team has solid experience in providing outstanding supervision. That’s because we take great care to recruit passionate, trained facilitators and all of our supervisory staff has up-to-date first aid training to respond to any situation.

Like the UdeM student body, our team is made up of students who come from all around the world to study a variety of subjects. Since there are no better guides to campus life than members of our great community, they’ll be happy to share their knowledge and "UdeM" experience.

Welcome and support

Our team takes care of participants from the moment they arrive at the Montreal airport. They’re waiting to greet them as soon as they exit the international area and are easy to spot.

Participants are transported to their residence on the Université de Montréal campus via our shuttle service, available at all times for arrivals and departures. When newcomers arrive, our team co-ordinators are there to welcome them and help them get settled.

Throughout the Summer Immersion Program, our facilitation team accompanies participants on trips, activities and excursions, including during free time and on weekends. It’s all to ensure that safety instructions are respected at all times.

In short, we do everything we can to treat participants to an unforgettable stay.


This support continues in the residences where we welcome participants. Our security team supports the facilitation team every evening and all night long and the staff is ready to respond in case of need. What’s more, the comings and goings of participants are supervised and limited to certain times.

We take pride in creating an environment of integrity and respect where each participant can develop their potential. That’s why we ask participants to comply with the Code of Conduct detailed at the Welcome Session.

Apply for admission
Review all the required documents and complete the online application.
Reserve your place
Once you’ve been accepted into the program, you must return the signed commitment contract and pay a deposit to reserve your place.
Choose your workshops
In the weeks after you reserve your place, you’ll be invited to choose your workshop themes, plus your sports and socio-cultural activities, from our many possibilities.
Get ready for your trip!
Your final acceptance letter will be sent once you’ve chosen your activities. Keep it in case you need to start the steps to entering Canada.
See the entire process