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Workshops, courses and activities

Discover the diversity of the university world!

Throughout the Summer Immersion Program, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to dive into subjects you already love, while themed workshops will introduce you to new areas of study.

Workshops, courses and activities

At the Summer Immersion Program, we believe that personal experience is the best way to discover what truly interests you. The themed workshops have been specially developed for this purpose. The variety of themes and the participative teaching approach will deepen your understanding of subjects you already love and introduce you to new ones.

Themed workshops are designed so you can confidently venture off the beaten path and have fun learning along the way. The hardest part is deciding which workshops you want to take!

During the two weeks on the university campus, you’ll attend 10 workshops among those listed below.

Please note that the workshops listed below were offered in the previous Summer Immersion Program. Some workshops need to be confirmed in the coming months.

Ancient Greece
Art History
Asian Studies
City, territory and landscape
Clinical Psychology
Cognitive Neuroscience
Criminal Law
DNA and Molecular Biology
Environment and Sustainable Development
Environmental Law
Feminist Studies
Gender Studies
History Mystery
Industrial Relations
Landscape Architecture
Leadership and Communication
Library Science
Literary Analysis
Molecular Biology
Musical Writing and Harmony
Nutrition and Sport
Piano – Musical Improvisation
Planetary Thinking
Plant Science
Political Science
Public speaking
Video Games
Videogame Studies
Workplace Equity

UdeM is a unique, enriching and unforgettable experience

A North American campus

An experienced team of facilitators

Participants come from all around the world

Admission Process
Get ready for a new adventure

Apply for admission
Review all the required documents and complete the online application.
Reserve your place
Once you’ve been accepted into the program, you must return the signed commitment contract and pay a deposit to reserve your place.
Choose your workshops
In the weeks after you reserve your place, you’ll be invited to choose your workshop themes, plus your sports and socio-cultural activities, from our many possibilities.
Get ready for your trip!
Your final acceptance letter will be sent once you’ve chosen your activities. Keep it in case you need to start the steps to entering Canada.
See the entire process